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Vincie Energies Cloudnative

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How VINCI Energies benefits from running native applications in the cloud

For VINCI Energies in the Netherlands, data integration is essential to allow their national network to share knowledge and insights freely. But as the company acquired more local businesses, their current Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) system began feeling the strain – pushing VINCI Energies in the Netherlands to find a more scalable solution that could grow with their data sets. That solution was Azure Red Hat OpenShift, a partnership that combines the flexibility of a container platform with the scalability of cloud infrastructure.

And after successfully adopting the solution at full scale, the network organization is now sharing their model throughout their global network to help other sectors in VINCI Energies
with their own data challenges.

Download this practical case study and learn how VINCI Energies:

  • Supports the decentratized organization
  • Moved to a container platform in the cloud
  • Shares resources with a global network


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